Monday, October 15, 2007

This is william in my bed.


  1. That picture of your afraid, very afraid. She is scary! What is she doing? I guess Halloween is coming up and she has to practice? Or is someone holding a ice cream cone in front of her. Or did she just find out she was having triplets! Oops, was Tami drinking more wine? Nope, that can't be it. I give up, what was she doing when that picture was taken?

  2. Funny John! I am gonna have to get Cassie for posting that picture. This was just a picture Will took of me one night. I was being silly, no ice cream cone, no wine, no Halloween, and surely no brains I guess! HA

  3. You two are too funny to be serious. How did you like me usings those to's, two's, too's. How do you spell it on the question??? I always wondered. Tami you did look like you were having fun and oh those pequins on Cassie's bed sure are cute. Good thing Will was in front or you wouldn't have seen him. Good post Cassie.
    Grandma Dot

  4. Tami that was really a funny picture. Dottie and yes you used the word two, too and to in the correct usage in your sentence. Just wanted to give you kudos.."Grin".

    Lots of love to you Tami and keep smiling or whatever you call that facial expression you have in the picture (no wine really) is just too funny!