Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This is Mailee getting snow for our igloo.

Mailee and I

This is us four girls after we built our igloo.

This is me! It was very cold and I had no gloves so it was kind of hard for me. We used buckets to make the squares. If you want you can come over and see it, if it does not melt.


  1. Oh Cassie I just love your Igloo. You did such a great job but bet it was cold with no gloves. The twins told us to use socks as gloves and it helped some. Levi and I had fun making our snowman. Hugs to you my sweets and love you!!!!

  2. The header wouldn't come up but just did and that is a cool one. Love you lots....

  3. Wow, Cassie. What a good job. That looks really neat. I tried to build a snowman here once, but the sand kept falling down!

  4. I don't know if I would want to go in the igloo but it sure is neat. Make sure it doesn't collapse on you. Oh yeah, the snow is gone. Is your igloo still there? I heard you put a tarp on it to keep it colder. Your header is wonderful. I love your penguins. Love you, Grandma Dot