Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gift from uncle John

Well I want to say sorry to uncle John. He sent me a gift a long time ago, and I didn't post about it. It was really neat! And fun to eat. But, I hope Uncle John did not eat my gift, because it would get cotton in his teeth! Mommy said I was being a meany. I couldn't eat it for about 3 days! It was so good, When I got
to eat it.To bad it was hollow!


  1. Cassie, thanks for letting me know that your and the twin's blogs moved. My, you look more grownup now.
    And my, what a big mouth you have. (and you say) All the better to eat chocolate bunnies!
    That was made a hand puppet out of it. Very clever. Love you.

  2. Nice blog and I only found it cause your Mom made a comment on Travis blog and I clicked on your name and here I am. That was cool of John and you exchanging gifts. I know you love him and he loves you...

  3. do look grown up Cassie and that chocolate penguin looks mighty good. Yummy. Cute pictures of you as always. Aunt Ginger

  4. That is a cute Penguin Cassie.