Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The four olders.

This is my big brother,Alex.He is the oldest of us kids ,he is also very good at fiddle.
Collin is the next oldest,he is good at chess mandolin and many other things.
Anna is very beautiful, nice, smart and a good cook.

This is me.


  1. What nice pictures. All are truly cool kids.

  2. Was your letter returned because it didn't have a stamp on it? On one of the letters I sent out, the return letter didn't have a stamp on it so I stuck one in the envelope. If that's the reason, I hope you found it. Miss hearing from you. Love you lots, Uncle John

  3. You look so little in that picture and you look so cute.Look at my blog!

    -your favorite cousin Esther-

  4. Hi Cassie: It was really cool to talk to you on the phone. I was really surprised. You certainly have a sweet voice. I mailed the letters to you, so be sure to give Esther hers when they arrive. Hope to hear from you soon. Love you.