Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stuff I do

Well,today I had oatmeal for breakfast. Early this morning daddy left for work,and he has not got back yet(he works at Sears).Daddy gets back at 4:30..Collin, Mailee, Murren, William and me were playing on the water swing for about 30 min, it was pretty fun. Right now Mailee is changing Jeb's diaper (he doesn't like it). Anna is making corn bread, and something else.


  1. Hi Cassie: Sounds like a fun day. Hope your Mom's voice comes back. I bet the cornbread tastes great. I have a new email address. Get it from your mom. Would love for you to write me. Love you, Uncle John

  2. Hi Cassie: Received your letter and yours will be in the mail today. With a surprise that you requested. I guess you commented on my blog with Anna's picture and it got me all confused. What a sneaky little girl. Have fun.